1st Grade Supply List

1st Grade
2 pkgs. brown paper lunch bags
1 ruler with inches/centimeters
1 pencil box sized 8 x 5 (exact) filled with crayons, sharpened pencils, eraser, 4 glue sticks, bottle of glue
2 wide ruled spiral notebooks
4 boxes of kleenex
1 clipboard
2 boxes of gallon size ziploc baggies
2 boxes of sandwich size ziploc baggies
PE shoes with non-marking soles to be kept at school

​After Christmas Break
1 box of markers
1 box of colored pencils
*Talk to the teacher about any supplies that may need replaced

For Art Class
1 box of kleenex
1 container of clorox wipes
1 set of water color paints
1 box of gallon ziploc bags
2 glue sticks