Elementary Student Handbook

School Mission

To provide meaningful opportunities, experiences, guidance, combined with high expectations that will enable each life-long learner to be a moral, ethical, responsible, and a productive member of society. To facilitate learning experiences by providing quality instruction in a safe environment to assist all students in becoming self directed, cooperative individuals who are able to make educated decisions regarding themselves and society.

School Vision

Stratton Elementary School will work to provide each student the highest quality of education in a safe and caring atmosphere of respect and responsibility.


Students are to arrive no earlier than fifteen minutes before school starts to provide for their safety. School personnel are not in supervision of students arriving before 7:45 A.M. so please try and arrive no earlier than 7:45 A.M. Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and are dismissed at 3:30 p.m. All K-5th grade students should report to the playground in the morning unless there is inclement weather or instruction by the playground supervisors. A sign will be placed on the windows of the entrance doors during inclement weather allowing students to report to the gym. Students are not to be in the hallways or classrooms of the building before school unless under the direct supervision of school personnel. Parents who are picking up students early are required by law to check them out through the office. This will insure the safety of all children.


The board has approved tobacco-free schools policy that states that smoking or possession of tobacco products by students while they are on school properties, under school jurisdiction, during school hours, or while participating at school events is prohibited. File:JICG


One criteria of a student's success in school is regular and punctual attendance. The entire process of education requires a regular continuity of instruction, classroom participation, learning experiences, and study in order to reach the goal of maximum educational benefits for every individual. Frequent absences may lead to poor academic work, lack of social development, and possible academic failure. Regular attendance is of the utmost importance for school interest, social adjustment, and scholastic achievement. No single factor may interfere with a student's progress more quickly than frequent tardiness or absence.


When it is necessary for a child to be absent, please call the school at 348-5521 by 8:30 a.m. Regular attendance at school is extremely important. Remember if you miss school you miss out. There is no replacement for the time missed and work made up is only part of the teaching that was done that day. Appointments, vacations and other activities, which are disruptive to the child's education, should be scheduled at times when school is not in session.

Please call before 8:30 the day of an absence or prearrange absences by calling 348-5521.

Tardies and Consequences

The law in Colorado Statute requires every child under the age of 17 to attend some form of school. According to law, a child may be absent from school for the following reasons:

1. Temporary illness or injury
2. Absences approved in advance by the administration.
3. An extended period of physical, mental, or emotional illness with proper documentation.
4. Absences while in custody of a court of law or authorities.
5. While receiving home instruction.
6. Ten (10) absences per semester will be allowed before credits will be affected or administration steps in. Five of the absences will be freebies but the last 5 absences will need Dr. notes. Special circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis by the administration.


We encourage perfect attendance. However, we know that perfect attendance is hard to accomplish. If your child has a fever or vomiting, it is better to keep him/her home. Please call the school at 348-5521 to let us know when your child is ill. If the student is not to participate in P.E. or recess, it will be necessary for you to send a note explaining the reason. If it is for more than three days, a note from your doctor should be given to the teacher excusing that child from PE or recess, or visit with the administration.


Parents or emergency pick-up people will be called to pick up sick or injured students. The student's teacher will assess when a student needs to come to the sickroom and if further action is needed. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis to ensure the best interest of the child. Every effort will be made to contact someone to pick up sick children or to counsel them back to class if they do not need to go home.


Any medication to be taken in school must be prescribed by a doctor. The doctor must fill out and sign a form furnished by the school district. The form, which states the medication and the dosage is kept on file in the school office. The parent then signs the form and the medication is brought to the office. Medication will be kept in the office and given by the principal or the secretary. The office cannot dispense any type of medication (aspirin, Tylenol) without written authorization from a doctor. A child may not store medication in school. This is for the safety of other children.


The Colorado Immunizations Law requires complete immunizations on all students attending school. Immunizations will be reviewed by a health professional at registration. An immunization plan will be completed for any child whose immunizations are not current and the child must receive the needed immunizations to be able to enroll in school. Personal, medical and religious exemptions if signed still apply. These vaccines may be obtained from your family doctor or from Kit Carson County Nursing Service located in the Annex Building at 1001 South Main Street, Burlington, CO. There is a charge for each vaccine but services will not be refused to anyone. You must make an appointment at the County Nursing Service.


While in the school building, to or from school, or at any school activity, regardless of location, Stratton Elementary Students are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner. Students are encouraged to maintain a courteous, respectful, and considerate manner toward students and adults in the classroom, on campus, to and from school, and at all school activities. Students are expected and required to adhere to the Discipline Code based on state legislation and Board of Education Policy. It is the desire of the board of Education and the administration to provide for a safe learning environment for all our students. Therefore, student involvement in groups that promote drugs, alcohol, violence, or disruptive behavior is not acceptable.

To ensure for all students, the best environment that is conducive to a safe climate, administration, Principal, staff, or teachers may take disciplinary measures including, but not limited to, issuing a warning, student conference, parent conference, loss of student privileges, requiring restitution for theft, damage, or destruction of student or school property; isolation, detention, in-school suspension, notification of judicial authorities and suspension or expulsion from school.

The following are considered unacceptable behaviors:

1. Abusive action (physical or verbal) towards staff or students. CRS. 22-32-109.1

2. Defacing public property-furniture, books, transportation, lockers, and buildings.

3. Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco use/possession, sale, transfer, or attendance while under the influence.

4. Arson

5. Bus misconduct

6. Cheating

7. Defiant attitude towards authority

8. Serious dress code violation

9. False fire alarm

10. Fighting

11. Obscene conduct/language/gesture

12. Public displays of affection

13. Running or yelling in hallways

14. Throwing snowballs or any projectile

15. Theft

16. Weapons use, possession


Act respectful

Be responsible

Create a safe learning environment

Note: Every incident concerning student conduct is to be considered independently and allows the staff and administration to take into account the severity and consistency of the behavior. The administration reserves the right to enforce each case dependent on the immediate situation. These policies will make sense and follow state statute.


The district Sexual Harassment Policy is attached to this booklet in the back. Any and all forms of harassment will not be tolerated and students need to be aware of the policy. A few general rules to remember: if you feel that you are being harassed by anyone you should contact your teacher, parent, or Principal. Each matter must be addressed to end this problem and prevent further occurrence. Sexual touching, teasing, joking, and name-calling are inappropriate.


Statement of Who Can Ride Buses

All K-5 students who reside in the Stratton School District as well as students from outside the district who agree to meet the school bus at a designated stop are entitled to ride the school bus. However, students may only ride the bus to which they are assigned. Students who are not assigned to a particular bus route need parent consent to ride that bus.

Students in the Stratton Pre-school may ride the bus as long as they have reached their fourth birthday. Morning pre-school students may ride the bus to pre-school, but their parents will have to provide transportation home. The afternoon pre-school sessions may ride the bus home, but their parents will have to provide transportation to school.


Buses will be loaded and unloaded to the north of the building. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE BUS LOADING ZONE. Parents picking up students are asked to park in the parking lot. Parents who are picking up students early are required by law to check them out through the office. This will insure the safety of all children.

Bus Conduct

Transportation on a school bus is a service provided as a privilege by the school and is not a right. Please respect this service and be responsible to the bus drivers and protect your ability to ride. In order to have the highest degree of safety, it is necessary that each child observe the following regulations:

1. Enter the bus in an orderly fashion and go immediately to a seat without disturbing other children.
2. Remain seated quietly at all times while the bus is in motion.
3. Keep all conversation with other children down to a normal talking voice.
4. Be ready when the bus arrives at your stop. The bus will not wait more than 2 minutes.
5. Do not open windows without the driver's permission. Do not throw or place any object out the window.
6. You must be silent when the bus arrives at and crosses railroad tracks.
7. Do not tamper with the emergency doors or any other equipment on the bus.
8. Keep aisles clean and free from obstructions.
9. School buses or other school vehicles will not transport any items, pets, or materials, which may or will endanger passenger safety, lives, health, or may or will disrupt the driver or passengers.
10. Upon arrival at school or a bus stop, remain seated until the driver brings the bus to a complete stop and opens the door. If you must walk across the road or in front of the bus, walk at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus, look both ways and at the driver for a signal to cross.
11. The Stratton Student Code of Conduct must be followed while on the school bus. Violations of the Code of Conduct will bring about the same consequences as if they happened in the school building.

If a parent has an issue please follow the chain of command and contact the bus driver first, then the transportation supervisor, and then the administration.

Discipline Steps for Bus Misbehavior

For steps 1-3 of discipline: The parents must sign the discipline referral form and the student must return it to the bus driver before he/she is allowed to board the bus.

For minor infractions such as pushing, throwing things, yelling, using improper language, etc.:

1. For the first offense, the bus driver has a conference with the offending student informing the student of the undesirable behavior and telling the student the behavior that is expected. Depending on the offense the student may be contacted by the administrator and the student may loose bus riding privileges.
2. For the second offense, the bus driver will notify the administrator and transportation director and he/she will call the parents. Up to one week of riding suspension may be enacted.
3. For the third offense, a Bus Conduct Report is filed with the administrator and a copy is given to the student. The administrator will visit with the student and/or his/her parents. The student will be suspended from riding the bus from up to 10 days.
4. If the problem continues further, the student will be barred from the school bus for the remainder of the school year.

If at any time the offense is serious enough, the bus driver or transportation direction will file a Bus Conduct Report with the administrator. The administrator will contact the parents, and appropriate consequences will be given to the student, according to the district's discipline code.

If a major infraction occurs such as fighting, vandalism, persistent defiance of authority, or other activities that might endanger the safety or well being of students, the driver is to pull the bus off the road and stop the activity. The driver will then proceed on the route or call for additional support. The student must be delivered home, to school, to the parent, or to a law-enforcement officer. When the child is delivered to the appropriate person or place, the driver then informs the student that he or she is suspended from the bus until further notice. A conference will be held between the student, bus driver, parent, and administrator before the student is allowed back on the bus. The student may be barred from the school but for a varying length of time according to the severity and circumstances of the offense.



Pursuant to 22-32-113, C.R.S., the board of education of the school district is authorized but is not required to furnish student transportation home to school, school to school, and school to home, and on school sponsored activities.

Parents: Your student, _____________________, was warned for misconduct on

This was the ___________ time this behavior was observed.

Bus # ___________

Date: _____________

Time: _____________

Description of Incident: _______________________________________________

According to policy,

1. The first time, the student is warned by the driver verbally.

2. The second time, the driver will notify the administrator and transportation director who will call parents.

3. The third time, a report will be filed, and the student may be suspended for up to 10 days from riding the bus.

4. If the problem continues further, the student will be barred from riding the bus for the remainder of the year.


Storm routes mean that the busses will run on paved roads only. Students who ride the bus will have to meet the bus at designated locations. The bus drivers will give you the location (the bus stop) where the student will meet the bus during storm routes at the beginning of the school year. In bad weather conditions or road conditions parents will be notified if the busses are running storm routes. This information is also available on KNAB.


If you bring your child to school by car, please be careful and be sure to let your child out at the curb next to the school. DO NOT LET THEM CROSS TRAFFIC IN FRONT OF OTHER CARS. This is extremely dangerous and accounts for several student deaths across America each year. Following this rule helps greatly in traffic management, parent access, and in monitoring children that are in the building. When waiting to pick up your children, please use the limited parking space wisely. Bus zones must be left available and accessible.


Report cards will be issued at the end of each quarter. Parents can look at the district calendar to see appropriate times they should be receiving their students' cards.


It is up to the classroom teacher regarding the issue of student's chewing gum. No gum will be allowed in the lunchroom and no gum can be brought from home.


Items placed on the walls of the Stratton School must be approved by the administration before posting and can't be in violation of anyone's civil rights.


Substitute teachers are necessary and valuable in providing students with continuous opportunities for movement towards their educational goals. Students are reminded that substitutes are required to carry out the instructions of the regular teacher. If a student has a question about the validity of the assignment, the student should reserve those questions for the regular classroom teacher. When it is necessary for a substitute to be in the classroom, the students should treat them with respect and show them how well mannered Stratton students can be. Failure of the student to act appropriately and referral of the problem by the substitute teacher of the student to the office could result in immediate suspension or detention.

Many times students will fall behind in their classwork and need one on one help or need to come in to test outside of the regular day. Teachers work through recess or before or after school with students to help get them up to level but may call if students need individual help or after school time. Every effort will be made for teachers to work cooperatively to organize remediation schedules within the school day but we would appreciate your cooperation with transportation and understanding in our remediation strategies to help make your student achieve at their highest level. Parent and teacher relationships for learning really benefit the student.


The purpose of the accountability committee is to work on charges given to them by the school board. This would be a way for working parents to make a major positive impact in the school. Please make a commitment to attend the meetings. Meetings are open to all interested parties. Personal issues should follow chain of command and not be brought to this committee.


At Stratton School we are proud of our school and what is happening within the school grounds and request, by state mandate that all visitors check in at the office to ensure a safe environment conducive to learning. Non-enrolled students are not allowed during the regular day to go through classes. When coming to get your student please do not go straight to the classroom because of the disruption it causes to the learning of children. A school employee will see that the child is brought from class with the least possible interruption. Teachers have been asked to release children only to school personnel. Naturally, we hope parents will schedule as many appointments out of school time as possible. .


Students will be expected to pay for any lost or damaged books. We understand some wear and tear on books will happen and the school will not assess fines for general wear. Water damage from books being left outside or soda spilled on them are the most common form of damage that is billed to the parent. Try to protect your book from moisture with a good cover and responsibility. Any suspected damaged books will be addressed by the administration.


Elementary students will be required to have an extra set of tennis shoes to be kept at school.


Announcements of school closing:

If adverse conditions - - such as severe weather, epidemics, serious mechanical or utility problems at the school buildings - warrant the closing of the school(s), the local radio stations and TV stations have agreed to provide announcements:

www.strattonschools.org - school webpage

KNAB 1140 AM or 104.1

KOA 850 AM

KCNC Channel 4 (CBS)

KMGH Channel 7 (ABC)

KUSA Channel 9 (NBC)

These announcements will be made according to the following conditions and schedules.

1. If these conditions are known the preceding day, announcements will be made on these stations during the evening hours preceding the closure.
2. If the decision to close schools is made in the morning, announcements will be made on the stations.
3. If adverse conditions develop during the day, detailed announcements will be released to the stations as the decision is made. Staff will call parents to inform them.
4. School Reach is a system by which parents will be informed by text message or voice mail of school closings and storm routes.


Students will automatically receive Early Release by meeting the following criteria. All early release rewards are subject to administration approval and may be revoked for disciplinary reasons. Notice will be given to those students who meet the qualifications and how many days they get.

Scoring advanced or proficient on all TCAP testing areas or show one years growth based on previous years scores = 3 days
No out of school suspensions
No F's or D's for quarter grades

Students who have achieved early release must not be on school property during school hours as not to distract the students who are required to be in attendance. Exceptions may include students attending honors classes and /or finishing coursework under direct supervision or those who are voluntarily attending school for the full day.


It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the school with "emergency" information upon enrollment of the student. Each family should have a plan so children know where to go in the event that school must close for an emergency. When a child is enrolled, parents need to list on the enrollment sheet, three people who are allowed to pick their child up from school. This gives us the names, addresses and telephone numbers of people to be called in the event of an emergency when we cannot reach the parents. The people whose names appear on the enrollment sheet should be notified by you, the parent, that his/her name is on your child's enrollment sheet and arrangements made with these people as to the procedure to be followed in case one of them should be called to take care of your child. For the safety of your child, parents need to keep the school updated as to where they can be reached, who is to be contacted if parents cannot be reached, and any changes in address or phone numbers. These emergency cards need to be filled out yearly.


Field trips are planned by the classroom teachers to augment RE-4 curriculum. Parents will receive written notification of any field trips. This notification must be signed and returned to the child's teacher before the child will be allowed to go on the trip. Please return this notification 24 hours before the scheduled field trip, if possible.

Extra curricular trips

1. The school rules apply to any trip under school sponsorship.
2. You are to be a good example to the community and people that you will encounter to promote Stratton School in a positive manner. You are expected to respect the wishes of the chaperone appointed by the school. (From School Board Policy Manual, Section EEACC)


Drill procedures and exits are reviewed by each teacher at the beginning of the year. During any drills, the students are asked to remain quiet and listen for instructions. Students should walk quickly and quietly to the designated area. All children MUST remain with their class so attendance can be taken. We will hold numerous drills during the school year.


It is strictly forbidden for students to leave the school grounds during the school day without permission. If a child leaves the school grounds without permission, they are classified as being truant and the parent and proper authorities will be notified.


Lost and found items are kept near the office. Children are reminded to check with the school secretary for belongings. Parents are also urged to check frequently. At the end of each year all unclaimed items are given to charity.


We do not recommend students bring personal belongings, (toys, balls, etc.) from home. The school cannot take responsibility for the loss of these items. Cell phones are to be kept out of sight, out of hearing, and not to be used during school hours. Cell phones will be kept at the office to be returned after school hours if these guidelines are not met. The bringing of weapons, guns and/or knives to school is a violation of state SAFE SCHOOL legislation and qualifies a student for automatic expulsion under state guidelines.


Students need to understand that anyone will be allowed to play any games and everyone will be allowed to play with any equipment or toys brought from home.

1. The playground area is inside the fence.

2. Slide (Not to be used during inclement weather)

A. One on the slide at a time.

B. Use the ladder only.

C. Do not stop or jump off while sliding.

D. Do not climb up the slide.

E. Come down feet first.

3. Tee-ball and touch football may be played during recess and noon.

Soft balls and soft bats are the only equipment to be used to play T-Ball.

4. Playground equipment

A. Do not jump off outside of perch.

B. Do not throw sand.

C. Watch other people's hands.

D. Do not pull or push other people.

7. Bicycles / skateboards are not to be ridden on the playground.

8. Do not throw rocks, dirt, sand or snowballs.

9. Do not push one another off the playground equipment.

10. Do not climb trees, fences or backstop.

11. Do not bring knives, metal objects, lighters, matches, or toy guns to school

12. Basketballs will be used only on the basketball court and foursquare.

13. No games of Crack the Whip or Red Rover.

14. Students use playground entrances only.

15. The children will not be in the building in the morning or at recess.


17. Kickball will be used only on the playing field.

18. When the bell rings, stop immediately and line up.


1. Verbal warning
2. One-minute time out or shadow playground supervisor
3. Walk with supervisor or to the Principal's Office for discipline.
4. Severe offense (fighting, throwing objects (rocks, sticks), creating a situation that is potentially dangerous to themselves or others - taken directly to principal's office.
5. Being disrespectful - taken directly to principal's office.

Any child taken to principal's office will receive notification to their parents. The principal will document the situation. A phone call will be made or a note sent home with the student. The note needs to be signed by the parent and returned to school during the next day of school.

The student may be suspended under the habitually disruptive student law.

Inclement Weather Procedure

On the mornings, before school, that the weather is inclement (raining, snowing or extremely cold), a sign will be placed in the front windows of the entrance doors. All children will proceed to the Gym.


A child that is involved in a fight or is enticing students to fight, that is brought to the office, may receive up to a three-day suspension. Fighting and bullying will not be tolerated. Students that assault others may have the Stratton Police called and Assault charges pressed as per State Law. Safe Schools are the key to Educational Success.


Students suspended from school are not allowed to be on school grounds in school vehicles or at school district functions during the period of their suspensions. A suspended student will be given the opportunity to make up school work that was missed while the student was suspended per State Law.

Credit will be given at 50% for OSS and 75% credit for ISS.


Classroom parties will be set by each individual teacher and parents will be notified by the teacher. Birthday treats may be brought in with permission granted by the teacher and a time will be set up between the teacher and parent.



Parents are asked NOT to send party invitations to school. The FERPA Act prohibits the school from giving out information that is not readily available from public sources, i.e.: phone book, to others unless you ask for this to happen.


Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Students will go outside in all but the very coldest weather. We believe that fresh air and exercise are extremely important to good health. It is much more enjoyable when your child is dressed warmly with mittens, boots, hats and warm jackets. Please dress your children accordingly.

As a student of Stratton School, you are encouraged to use good judgment in regard to your dress and personal appearance. Basic rules of sanitation, safety, neatness, morality, and modesty will be observed. DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Appropriate dress according to the administration and/or sponsor may be demanded at any activity that is associated with the school. If, in the opinion of the faculty, your mode of dress is such that it detracts from the educational function of the school or is a threat to health or safety, you will be sent to the office to readjust your dress or sent home to change. Some rules of thumb that will be deemed inappropriate are:

1. Any manner of dress that is immodest according to school standards. Such items include (but are not limited to) bare midriffs; low cut designs-front, underarm, or back; improperly fitting shorts-too tight, too loose' or too short, and see-through or mesh cloth.
3. No hats, caps, or head coverings are to be worn in the building by either male or female students during instructional time. Violators will be warned once. On the second violation, the hat will be taken from the student.
4. Students are not to wear clothing advertising drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. Clothing with obscene, suggestive or vulgar language, ideas, or pictures is not permitted at school. If you have a question about what you wear, bring a spare set of clothes to school to prevent a trip back home.
5. Sagging and gang apparel are not appropriate school dress and are in violation of safe schools legislation.
6. We recommend that girls that wear dresses, wear shorts underneath to help with their PE and recess activities.
7. Any clothing exposing the stomach or shoulders such as tank tops with less than 1" wide straps, halter tops, or tube tops should not be worn to school. Pants that sag or shorts that expose the students' underwear or bottom are also not appropriate school dress. A general rule of thumb is to hold your hands at your side and if the shorts are shorter than your fingertips, you probably should keep those shorts for the weekend.

Students and parents are to use common sense and good judgment when choosing appropriate school clothing. Wearing coats to cover inappropriate dress or questionable symbols will not be allowed.


Lunch tickets are on sale daily. Students are encouraged to buy their tickets before school.

Prices for school meals are:

Elementary Breakfast (full price)............ $ 1.20

Elementary Breakfast (reduced)............... 0.00

Elementary Lunch (full price).................... 2.00

Elementary Lunch (reduced)........................ .40

Middle School Lunch.................................. 2.25

High School Lunch...................................... 2.25

Adult Breakfast............................................ 2.20

Adult Lunch................................................. . 3.00

Only one (1) half-pint of milk or (1) juice will be provided with each meal. Milk or juice will be sold separately at $.65 per half-pint.

Make checks payable to Stratton Public Schools.

If you are on the "Free" or "Reduced" Lunch Program, you still have to pay for "seconds" on food or drinks. "Seconds" on the main item is the only food item the student will pay for. (Example: "seconds" on tacos will cost extra money, but, "seconds" on carrot sticks is free.)

If a student is on the "Free or Reduced Program" but they only get a milk or juice, they will be charged $.65. If they get a full tray with food and their drink, it is free or reduced.

Extra juice or milk will cost $.65.

If students do not take a juice or milk but still take a tray of food, they still will be charged for the full meal whether they take everything or not.


No otherwise qualified individual with a disability (....) shall solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance (....). 29 U.S.C. § 794


Students are not expected to use the telephone except in extreme or emergency situations. A message of extreme importance should be double checked to make sure that your student has received the information. Please do not ask to have a student paged to the phone unless there is an emergency. Every effort will be made to get every student messages, however the school would ask if the message is of paramount importance that you verify the message was received. Please make after school arrangements before the children leave for school in the morning. If it is necessary for you to change your plans, you must call the school before 3:10 p.m. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the message will be delivered by school closing. We will not interrupt classes to pull students out to come to the telephone to receive messages.