Dances, Parties, Activity Nights

Dances (and class parties) are held throughout the year to provide a positive social atmosphere. These activities must have a school sponsor. Parties may not be designated as “class parties” unless they are approved and supervised by the school and follow the school’s rules. The following guidelines have been established for a school-sanctioned party or dance:

· The event must take place at the school, or school transportation (in a school vehicle) will be provided to and from the event. Transportation will begin at the school and end at the school. Students will not drive their own vehicles.

· The group wishing to have the dance/party must request permission from the Activities Director.

· The dance/party must be placed on the school calendar with a date and a beginning and ending time.

· The disc jockey or musicians must be hired at least seven (7) days in advance of the dance/party.

· A teacher, coach, or class sponsor must be the primary supervisor of the dance/party. Other sponsors, as needed, must be specified at the time of the request.

· Once students arrive at the dance, they must stay in the designated area. If students leave the designated area, they will not be allowed to return.

· If a Stratton student wishes to bring a guest, the student must sign up this guest with the office one day prior to the evening of the dance. Students are responsible for the conduct of the person they sign in and may be penalized for the misbehavior of the guest.

· Students will be signing in and out of all activities.

Both middle and high school dances may be held. Dances must be approved by the Activities Director and must have approved sponsors.

STUCO, or other organizations, may hold activity nights throughout the school year. Designated nights will be advertised, and school staff members will sponsor such activities.

The Stratton School Discipline Code and the Stratton eligibility policy apply to dances and parties on or off school grounds.