Discipline Steps for Bus Misbehavior

For steps 1-3 of discipline: The parents must sign the discipline referral form and the student must return it to the bus driver before he/she is allowed to board the bus.

For minor infractions such as pushing, throwing things, yelling, using improper language, etc.:

(1) For the first offense, the bus driver has a conference with the offending student informing the student of the undesirable behavior and telling the student the behavior that is expected. Depending on the offense the student may contact the administrator and the student may loose bus riding privileges.

(2) For the second offense, the bus driver will notify the administrator, transportation director and he/she will call the parents. Up to one week of riding suspension may be enacted.

(3) For the third offense, a Bus Conduct Report is filed with the administrator and a copy is given to the student. The administrator will visit with the student and/or his/her parents. The student will be suspended from riding the bus from up to 10 days.

(4) If the problem continues further, the student will be barred from the school bus for the remainder of the school year.

If at any time the offense is serious enough, the bus driver or transportation direction will file a Bus Conduct Report with the administrator. The administrator will contact the parents, and appropriate consequences will be given to the student, according to the district’s discipline code.

If a major infraction occurs such as fighting, vandalism, persistent defiance of authority, or other activities that might endanger the safety or well being of students, the driver is to pull the bus off the road and stop the activity. The driver will then proceed on the route or call for additional support. The student must be delivered home, to school, to the parent, or to a law-enforcement officer. When the child is delivered to the appropriate person or place, the driver then informs the student that he or she is suspended from the bus until further notice. A conference will be held between the student, bus driver, parent, and administrator before the student is allowed back on the bus. The student may be barred from the school but for a varying length of time according to the severity and circumstances of the offense.