District Hazing/Initation Policy

The Stratton Board of Education looks upon hazing and initiations as being detestable practices because each succeeding generation of students tries to outdo the acts of previous students and eventually engages in activities which are degrading to the dignity, self-worth, health, and/or wellbeing of individual students.

Any student participating in a hazing/initiation activity may be suspended for up to 10 days by the Administrator or Superintendent and shall be ordered to appear before the Board of Education. The Board may suspend the student from all extra-curricular activities for one semester.

Hazing/initiation is defined as any act that is imposed upon a student of Stratton Schools by other students of the school system because he/she is an undergraduate, a new student to the school system, a new participant in the District’s sport or extra-curricular activities programs, or for any other reason which is degrading to the dignity, self worth, health, and/or well being of the individual.