Eligibility Policy

The following Eligibility Policy is in effect and applies to all school activities:

(1) All students will be subject to the eligibility rules that are found in the Colorado High School Activities Association Handbook.

(2) In addition, the following eligibility rules shall apply for local eligibility:

(a) Eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis.

(b) A student will be ineligible if he/she:

… is failing in one or more classes,

… has two D’s in any classes,

(c) If a student has a D+ or below in any class, they must attend the mandatory after school study hall (Monday-Thursday) the following week.

(d) A student may not participate in or attend an extracurricular activity as a member of the team for the week after being declared ineligible. Eligibility runs from 12:01 AM. Sunday to 12:00 AM the following Sunday.

(e) A letter describing the student’s ineligible status is mailed to parents on Friday.

(f) The administration reserves the right to use eligibility consequences as a violation of the discipline code.

(3) Transfer students are to check with the administrator and fill out transfer forms upon enrolling in school to determine their eligibility status.

(4) Students who are ineligible are required to attend all scheduled practices after attending study hall. All participants must represent the school’s ideals in matters of conduct, and sportsmanship.

(5) Ineligible students may attend home activities only as an observer, and may not ride with the team or group to activities that are away.

(6) Students may be required to fulfill work obligations to their class or organization while ineligible, but shall not participate in any organization or class activity.

(7) Ineligibility will not apply if the activity is an extension of the classroom, such as participating in a class field trip that is an extension of the classroom. Ineligible students will not be able to attend float building day, prom decorating day, prom, Field Day, etc.

(8) Eligibility will start after the second full week of school each semester for high school students. Eligibility for high school students is cumulative for each semester

(9) Eligibility will start after the second Friday of each quarter for middle school students. Eligibility for middle school students starts again each quarter, and is not carried over from quarter to quarter.