Level II

(1) Fourth and all subsequent Level I violations

(2) Willful disobedience and/or blatant disrespect

(3) Lying or giving false information, either verbally or in writing

(4) More serious violations of the computer policy, including, but not limited to, computer hacking

(5) Careless driving on school property

(6) More serious school bus behavior infractions

(7) Damage of $20.00 to school property or personal property

(8) Theft of objects or money worth more $20.00

(9) Sexual harassment

(10) Engaging in verbal abuse, i.e., name-calling, ethnic or racial slurs, or derogatory statements addressed publicly to others that disrupt the school program or incite violence

(11) Willful behavior resulting in bodily injury

(12) Fighting

(13) Carrying a knife or any sharp object that is less than 3” or which does not fit the district’s weapons policy.

(14) Pulling the fire alarm when there is no fire

(15) Engaging in any gang-related activity

(16) Possession or use of any tobacco product

(17) Truancy, more than two hours, or second violation

Steps to be Taken:

(1) Student is given due process.

(2) Parents are notified.

(3) In-school suspension for one to three days. Student must do school work. Student will lose daily points.

(4) Student is ineligible for extra-curricular events for one-two weeks.

(5) Students will only be allowed three Level II violations. After three Level II violations, a Remedial Discipline Plan may be implemented for the student according to Article 33, Section 22-33-106 of Colorado School Law. Depending on the frequency and severity of the problem and the past history of the student, the administration has the right to expedite the Remedial Discipline Plan process.