Level IV

(1) Repeated interference with the school’s ability to provide education opportunities to other students

(2) Assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, knowingly giving false allegations of child abuse and/or alleged criminal offense against a teacher or other school employee

(3) Damage by a student to the personal property of a teacher or school employee occurring on school district premises

(4) Committing an act that if the student was an adult would be considered robbery

(5) The commission of the act of assault pursuant to part 3 of article 4 of title 18-CRS

(6) Carrying, possessing, or using a deadly weapon

(7) Committing an act of violence

(8) Use, intent to sell, or sale of any controlled substance or illegal drug

Steps to be Taken:

(1) Parents are notified.

(2) Student is given due process.

(3) Expulsion proceedings begin.

(4) Appropriate agencies, such as the police department, will be called.

Note: Federal law allows for remedial behavioral plans for students in Special Education programs. In some instances special education students require a separate discipline code for consequences for behavior. Discipline for students in Special Education programs will be conducted in accordance with (1) state and federal law, and (2) the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).