Student Lockers

Middle school and high school students will be assigned lockers by the office. Students will be assigned combinations for the locks on the lockers, and are responsible for remembering the combination and being to class on time. Students are not to change lockers without permission from the school secretary or administrator. Students should report lockers needing repair to the school secretary.

Student materials are to be placed in the lockers and the locker is to be closed and locked when it is not being used. Items left on the floor will be turned into lost and found. A student has the right to decorate the inside of his/her locker unless, in the judgment of the administrator, such decoration is considered obscene, illegal, or offensive to someone else’s race, religion, national origin, or gender, or is damaging to the locker.

Lockers are school property can be inspected at anytime by the administration if there is reason to do so.

The coaches arrange lockers and locks for athletic equipment. The same procedures apply to athletic lockers as academic lockers.